Working For Us

As a practice, our greatest asset is our staff, therefore up-to-date training is key to our success. Ellis and Moore are members of the Institution of Civil Engineers approved training scheme and integrate training into the working day. The practice actively encourages and supports graduate engineers as they prepare to sit theirĀ Chartered Professional Review.

As practice, we place a strong emphasis on staff welfare. In addition to the expected statutory requirements, our members of staff enjoy flexible working arrangements, including being able to work from home and fit work around family and other commitments. Our staff enjoy a relaxed informal social scene with post-work gatherings, sports matches and trips away. Every year, the practice staff enjoy a relaxing weekend away. The trip allows staff not only to unwind but also offers an educational slant, with locations chosen to be of architectural merit. Previous locations include the Norman Foster-designed Millau Viaduct in the South of France, the German capital Berlin, Valencia, Riga in Latvia and most recently Toulouse in France.


Throughout the year, our staff enjoy activity days and events such as paint-balling, go-karting, sporting games and many more.

Our celebrated annual Whisky Tasting event takes place every Autumn, and offers staff and clients an opportunity to sample, learn about and appreciate the intricate subject of whisky. The evening consists of competitions, instruction and live music.