Byron Alexander Bezas



Alex graduated in 2003, finishing his second master’s degree in structural engineering and has since worked in consulting engineering practices in the UK for nine years, and in continental Europe for four years. After a spell with us as a Graduate Engineer, he re-joined Ellis + Moore in 2013.

Alex’s experience has included working on a variety of educational, commercial, residential and railway developments throughout the UK, and also on site, primarily on large power plant structures in Europe. As an Associate, he manages a variety of projects ranging from small specialist renovations and installations, through to multi-storey, multi-million pound frames in steel and concrete. Alex has developed a niche in undertaking specialist steelwork design in the airport sector.

Alex has extensive experience in 3D modelling and Finite Element analysis, with particular focus on implementation of advanced analytical designs involving non-linearities, in steelwork design and detailing, also in concrete, and soil/structure interaction.

Below are some examples of projects Byron has worked on with Ellis + Moore…