Glazier’s Lane

Glazier’s Lane in Normandy, near Guildford in Surrey is a development of 12 semi-detached ‘greenhomes’. Commissioned by Greenoak Housing Association – a client we have worked with on other eco-developments in Woking and Storrington.

All of the homes are designed for maximum sustainability throughout their life. They exceed the full Lifetime Homes standard, and go well beyond the scope of EcoHomes ‘Excellent’ in reducing environmental impact in construction and use. They have been developed to be economical in use and provide a high quality environment. In addition, the homes are ‘future proofed’ – allowing for new energy sources and global warming. As winners of the Housing Corporation’s prestigious Gold Award 2007 for Environmental Sustainability, Greenoak has tackled the environmental agenda with a needs-led approach, producing homes in both rural and urban areas that are genuinely sustainable in their concept, design and use. The lessons learned by Greenoak are being evaluated with residents by an Innovation & Good Practice Project, supported by the Housing Corporation, which will provide practical guidance on meeting the new environmental targets for sustainable housing.


Environmental Features / Benefits

  • Closed panel airtight timber-frame shell with high levels of insulation to walls, floors and roofs
  • Triple-glazed timber windows
  • PVC-free specification
  • Sustainable surface water drainage with all rainwater disposed of on site to reduce load on sewer system and avoid increased risk of flooding
  • Twice-tested for airtightness achieving 2.5 m3/hr/m2 at 50 Pascals
  • Improved air quality provided by whole house/heat recovery ventilation systems – providing fresh air continuously day and night
  • Waste minimisation through rationalised design, onsite waste management and recycled demolition materials on brownfield sites








Storrington, West Sussex

Greenoak Housing Association

Jon Broome Architects


John Willoughby

Faber Maunsell

Ellis + Moore