Strongbridge Close

We provided the structural and civil engineering services for the redevelopment of Strongbridge Close, Harrow. The design and build contract included the construction of 167 units over 2 phases. In phase 1 and 2 the 167 units were in the form of 143 flats in 3 blocks ranging in height between 4 to 5 storeys and 24x 2 and 3 storey houses.

The mixed use development is broken down into 107 rented, 40 shared ownership and 20 private sale accommodation units. Construction of associated adopted highway and drainage infrastructure works included renewed mains service provision. In total the scheme encompassed 259 units over three phases. We were appointed as structural and civil engineers by the Design & Build contractor from project inception in 2003 and work was completed in 2015.

The new-build flats were constructed to Code level 3 to comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes. Our particular involvement required the checking of flooding – undertaking a flood risk assessment and design the underground drainage with particular reference to attenuation of flow into the sewers. Also some porous paving was used to reduce the run off on open areas around the buildings. The Strongbridge Close site was once part of the railway and as a result was heavily contaminated by the burnt fuel from steam engines which had been deposited there over a long period. We were able to apply specialist knowledge to ensure the successful decontamination of the land. The site has now been remediated and the soil strata at the surface has been checked and replaced as necessary particularly in the private gardens. The work was undertaken under our supervision in agreement with the local Environmental Health Officer.

LOCATION:   Harrow, London




ENGINEER:   Ellis + Moore