Royal Marsden NHS Trust

We have been working with the Royal Marsden NHS Trust for thirteen years. The trust has two hospital sites, one in central London on Chelsea’s Fulham Road and the other in Sutton, Surrey. Our projects with the Marsden have ranged from a new front entrance in 1998 to the extension to the Haemato-oncology unit in 2010.


Haemato-oncology Extension
The extension comprised the addition of a single storey building over the existing workshop at second floor to link with the existing Haemato-oncology (Bud Flanagan) Ward. The project included a new roof top Plantroom on top of the new extension and alterations and refurbishment of the existing facility whilst maintaining the patient care. Part of the works included the extension of a lift to provide access to the Bud Flanagan Ward. The site is ‘landlocked’ by buildings on three sides and the hospital’s main electrical transformers at ground level on the fourth.
Contract Value: £1.1m
Dates: 2009/10


Extension to existing BDU
The project comprised the removal of the external wall and the construction of a ‘lean-to’ extension to provide additional space. The new extension encompassed re-routing existing external below ground drainage to avoid internal manholes. The created space, approximately 8m x 10m o/a, was re-modelled to provide the new facility requirements including additional internal drainage. We carried out foundations, superstructure and drainage investigations, and produced coordinated proposals for new sub and super structure as well as below ground drainage with the diversion methodology due to the drains carrying effluent from the operating theatres which were in use nearly 24/7.
Contract Value: £0.8m
Dates: 2008


Shell for new 3T MRI scanner
This was a conversion of the old BDU to accommodate a new MRI scanner and associated observation room and support facilities. The 15m x 8m space was located on the ground floor within a single storey with services plant on top of the reinforced concrete roof. An existing RC column had to be removed to provide the clear space required. We designed a set of stainless steel channels to pick up the column at high level and transfer its load to the room edges. The channels were pre-stressed incrementally using flat jacks to a predetermined deflection before the column was removed.
Contract Value: £0.5m

Dates: 2009


In addition to these recent projects, we have successfully completed the following:

  • Pharmacy extension: £1.2m : 1998
  • New man entrance: £0.4m :1998
  • PET/CT installation : £150k : 2002
  • CT installation: £50k : 2004
  • MRI installation: £60k : 2006
  • BDU PET/CT feasibility: £1.2m :2008
  • X-ray rooms 1 & 2: £55k : 2008
  • Pharmacy Robot installation feasibility : £80k: 2008




Chelsea, London

Sutton, Surrey

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